About Us

About Us

Field & Industrial Technical Services Ltd, mostly known in it abbreviated version as (F.I.T.S) is a family owned business and was established in 1973 as an Engineering Company, which was incorporated to both Building and Servicing Tea Factories.

1981 We opted to drop the building and servicing of Tea Factories and instead ventured into Diesel Fuel Injection and Motor Vehicle repairs.

The company has taken on different ventures and grown to a staff of 31 employees, all of which are diligent and hard working. Every one of them plays a key part in making sure that quality is key to a good job done.

Meet the Owners

We try to treat our customers the way you want to be treated.

David Kerr
Having done his apprenticeship @ Britannia Works in the UK he joined the Kenya Regiment, where he served for 1 year. There after he worked with George Williamson Tea, building Kararana tea factory, & went on to work in Tanzania, the Congo & Uganda. Before coming home, he did a stint in South Africa & Malawi. Once back in Kenya he ran the Gailey & Roberts workshop, went on to run Markmann & Co, & in 1981 bought into Dante Burba Diesel Workshop. Eventually sold out & opened in partnership with his son Field & Industrial Technical Services Ltd.
Andrew Kerr
Joined his father early on
Julia Kerr
Started her career on the stock exchange and later joined us
Nicholas Kerr
After leaving school tried his hand in Architecture, Aircraft maintenance before joining us where he was trained on Common rail fuel systems. He left to join JLR where he worked for 4 years before rejoining us

David, Andrew, Julia and Nicholas made sure to surround themselves with employees that would share the same vision, values, dedication and professionalism that they offer to their clients. That’s why they hand-picked their crew to assure you that you and your vehicle are in the best of care. All of the employees here at Field & Industrial Technical Services Ltd are very honest and hardworking, the most dedicated people you will ever meet.

Our Team

Meet Our Specialists from Car Repair Service

Our team specializes in many different types of vehicles, and since they work on a wider variety of vehicles than their dealer counterparts, their overall expertise is greater, too. By working on many makes and models, our technicians can be trusted to properly diagnose challenging repairs and other issues. As automotive technology advances, our team is continually updating their education & skills.

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